About MyAA

The MyAA is dedicated to enhancing the professional well-being of accounting educators at all levels from schools to higher education institutions in Malaysia.

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Open to any Malaysian accounting academics and educators above the age of 18 years.

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Open to any individuals above the age of 18 years who are interested in accounting education and research.

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MyAA Strategies

  • Education
  • Research
  • Practice
  1. Improvement of accounting curriculum (content and delivery)
  2. Continuously review and disseminate global developments in accounting education
  3. Undertake research in accounting education and disseminate findings
  4. Advise professional and educational bodies on development of accounting curriculum
  5. Enhance accounting educators' competence (knowledge, skills and values) through training
  6. Establish e-resources centre on accounting education
  7. Collaborate with international bodies such as IFAC, AAA and IAEER
  1. Develop a culture of intellectual curiosity
  2. Encourage local and international research collaboration
  3. Provide information on sources of local or international funding
  4. Disseminate research findings through MyAA journal
  1. Foster linkages between accounting educators, policy makers, regulators and practitioners profession
  2. Ensure accounting education is relevant to practice

More About MyAA

  • MyAA Vision +

    To be a leading body in providing a platform to promote amity among accounting educators and professionals in Malaysia.
  • MyAA Mission +

    To contribute towards the advancement of accounting education, research and practice governed by human values.
  • MyAA Objectives +

    To promote values-based accounting education practice To promote networking and cooperation among accounting educators and practitioners and other interested parties To act as an independent party to represent the interests and views of its members on matters relating to accounting education, research and practice To encourage quality research and dissemination of research findings in accounting
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